Imlie 31st August 2023 Written Update: Arto assures Imlie he won’t let anything happen to Kairi.

Imlie 31st August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Rana wants to help Arto and Imlie find and save their daughter by going with them. They’re not afraid of danger. Rudra goes to get money from the bank. The people who took the kids have taken them to what looks like a playground. People tell the children to stop crying.

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The kidnapper tells Kairi to play alone, even though she wants to play with her sister. He tells his friend that they brought the kids here to keep them from going to the police and to keep them busy. What if they don’t get the money, his friend asks? Kairi’s kidnapper in charge says he will hurt her and force her to beg on the streets.

Imlie 31st August 2023 Written Update

Kairi is sad and waits for her mom to save her and her sister. Rana watches the people who took the kids from a secret place. They try to figure out how to save the kids. Akash is also looking for blood for a very sick person named Shivani. Kia’s lack of help makes him angry. When he hears that Shivani has been taken, he decides not to tell Rudra about it.

Akash scolds Kia, but she says she doesn’t want to donate blood for a good reason. She is getting help because she can’t have children. Akash says he’s sorry for not getting it, and she says she’ll give blood.

Then Rana puts on a mask and goes to the children. They act like statues to fool the people who took them. Kia tells Akash that she still wants to have a child one day. Akash and Kia get along. Rana tries to fool the people who took her by acting like puppets, but the people who took her know she is trying to trick them. They tie Rana up and say they’ll take the kids and leave. Arto says he is to blame and tells the people who took Kairi to leave her alone. Just before they shoot, Arto tells Imlie that he will protect Kairi.

Precap: Imlie and Arto are holding their baby and hoping for better times when an earthquake hits.


In this tense episode, Rana, Arto, and Imlie are trying to save their daughters from being taken away. While making plans, Akash is busy looking for blood for Shivani, who is very sick. As the children and Shivani’s time runs out, tensions rise. Kia doesn’t want to give blood at first because of her infertility treatment, but she changes her mind later.

Rana tries to save her by putting on a mask and acting like a statue, but the kidnappers aren’t fooled easily. Arto promises to keep his daughter Kairi safe and takes the blame for what happened to protect her. At the end of the episode, an earthquake shakes things up for what will happen next. It’s a gripping episode with many emotional turns and high-stakes drama.

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