Imlie 28th August 2023 Written Update: Imlie meets Arto says saw the kidnapper.

Imlie 28th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Arto sees that Anu is hurt and puts his hand on her head. He asks her about their child. Anu can’t talk back. Rana stops Imlie from going to look for her child. She says that she can go if Arto can. Because she has stitches, the doctor tells her to be careful. Suddenly, Imlie sees a man running away with her baby, so she tells everyone to catch him.

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Arto hears from Imlie that she saw someone take their baby. When the police show up, they ask her how she knows it’s her baby when she hasn’t seen her yet. Imlie says that she is sure it is her daughter.

Imlie 28th August 2023 Written Update

Even though she is hurting, Imlie still wants to find her baby. When he sees the police, the man who took the baby hides. He gets help from a friend. Another man comes dressed as a nurse and sneakily takes the baby. Imlie is walking, but her stitches hurt and are bleeding. She asks for help in her prayer, and Arto picks her up.

At the hospital, the man dressed as a nurse is scolded by the manager for taking Rudra Rana’s family’s baby. The man says that if their plan works, they will get rich.

Rudra tells the manager that something needs to be done. Arto shows up with Imlie and says that she needs help right away. The boss says he’ll take care of it. Imlie lays down, but she sees a shadow outside. Devika tells Shivani to get clothes for Imlie. Shivani runs into the man who took the baby, and he puts something in the clothes basket.

Arto says Imlie should stay in bed, but Imlie wants to go. Imlie says that she will find her daughter today, no matter what.

Kia says Anu couldn’t be involved because she hasn’t talked to anyone. This makes Devika sad. When the manager sees a picture of Imlie’s baby, he is sure his plan will work. Then, he is startled and screams. The Ranas and the police come to find out what’s going on. People want to know why he has a picture of Imlie’s baby. He lies and says that a hospital worker took the baby and ran away with it. He should be caught. Shivani trips and falls because the man who took the baby pushed her. He takes the basket and runs away. Because the hospital had good security, Imlie and Arto think that their baby might be in that basket.

Precap: The manager will be questioned, and Imlie and Arto will look for the man named Sattu, who took their baby.

Imlie 28th August 2023 Written Update


This episode is full of tension and drama because it’s about how hard Imlie and Arto are trying to find their missing baby. The story moves quickly, which keeps people on the edge of their seats. Having more than one character adds to the story’s complexity because each person has goals and plans.

The story shows Imlie’s emotional struggle, incredibly how determined she is to find her daughter despite her pain. The episode also builds suspense with characters like the nurse in disguise and the hospital manager, who seems nervous. The story is interesting because it has surprising turns, like when the manager gets electrocuted.

But some parts of the story don’t make sense, like how Imlie “senses” her daughter even though she has never seen her. Overall, it is a fascinating episode that hooks the audience and makes them want to see what happens next.

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