Imlie 24th November 2023 Written Update: Amma ji scolds Imlie.

Imlie 24th November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Navya shows a picture to Amma ji. In the picture, Shivani is sitting close to a boy. Amma ji thinks she should scold Shivani, but Navya says it’s not her job. Navya blames Govind and Rajni, saying they taught Shivani to be close to boys. Amma ji asks Navya not to end the Roka ceremony, but Imlie stops her. Imlie says Shivani has done nothing wrong, so Amma ji shouldn’t have to beg anyone.

Imlie explains that the boy in the picture is trying to trick Shivani. Imlie says Amma ji’s house is like a temple, and Shivani is like a beautiful flower. Navya, however, thinks Shivani is not good enough to be part of her family, calling her characterless. Navya questions if Amma ji would accept a girl like Shivani.

Imlie 24th November 2023 Written Update

Navya says Shivani will ruin her home because she lacks good manners. Imlie points out that Avinash, who had many girlfriends, is not judged similarly. Imlie argues that Avinash also lacks good character. Navya gets angry and tries to hit Imlie, but Agastya and Biswa stop her. Navya leaves for the car, asking Biswa and Avi to follow.

Biswa tries to calm Navya, reminding her of their long wait to get into the Chaudhary Mansion. Navya criticizes Shivani for her dressing style. Biswa advises Navya to focus on their revenge plan instead of this argument. Biswa tells Navya that Imlie is not wrong. If Avi can have a girlfriend, Shivani can have a past. Navya feels Biswa is defending Imlie because he stopped Navya from hitting her.

Amma ji scolds Imlie for getting involved in the argument. Amma Ji says Imlie is just a guest for a few days. Imlie defends Shivani, blaming the boy for ruining Shivani’s reputation. Agastya supports Imlie, saying the boy is blackmailing Shivani. Imlie insists that a girl should be respected in her new home.

Avi urges Navya to proceed with the Roka. Shivani says sorry to Amma ji, but Karam tells her not to. Imlie warns that if Shivani’s past affects her future home, her life will be hard. Navya apologizes to Amma ji and agrees to the Roka. Shivani says sorry to Navya, and they hug. Navya realizes her mistake after talking with Biswa and Avi.

Shivani tells Imlie she is lucky to have her support. Imlie says she would stand by Shivani even if she weren’t her sister-in-law. Sonali tries to contact Amrit but fails. She leaves him a voice message. Imlie promises Shivani she will always support her. Jugnu can’t reach Chandu, who is hurt in the bushes.

Imlie 24th November 2023 Written Update

Shivani jokes about Agastya marrying someone like Imlie. Agastya is happy, and they all dance together. Chandu arrives at the Chaudhary mansion but gets attacked. Jugnu finds no one at the gate. Imlie tells Amma ji she will leave after Shivani’s wedding and won’t interfere anymore. Imlie asks Amma Ji to tell Navya the truth about her past. Amma Ji is shocked, and Agastya tries to calm her down.

Imlie worries Navya might learn the truth from someone else. Agastya reassures her, saying their secret marriage is safe. But Amma ji overhears them talking about Imlie getting paid for the marriage.

Precap: Agastya tells Rajni about Imlie taking money to return.

Imlie 24th November 2023 Episode Review

The episode is interesting because it mixes drama and emotion about family and social expectations. Concerning Shivani’s character and how her relationship with a boy causes problems in her family, the story goes around and around. Navya’s harsh judgment and the fight that followed show problems with judging people by how they look and what they say about them.

Imlie’s character stands out as the voice of reason and fairness. She fights for Shivani and questions why men’s and women’s past relationships are judged differently. The episode also talks about getting even, how people see you, and how hard it is for a family to get respect.

Dramatic parts make the episode even more intense, like when Navya tries to slap Imlie and when Imlie’s secret marriage is revealed. Adding a lighter touch, the story about Agastya and Shivani makes the episode more balanced.

Overall, the episode does an excellent job of mixing drama, emotional conflict, and social commentary, which makes it fun to watch. The episode is entertaining and thought-provoking because the characters are well-rounded, and their interaction shows more significant societal problems.

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