Imlie 24th August 2023 Written Update: Anu says they all betrayed her.

Imlie 24th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie tells her family that Anu is acting like Arto is not at home even though he is. Rana’s family worries about him and tries to figure out where he could be. Anu is in the car, and Kia says that she did a good job playing. Anu says that she and the money will be in a different country when Sheik discovers what happened.

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Imlie and her family look through the house for Arto. Imlie is upset and asks God for help. She finds a goddess’s scarf and thinks something might be hidden under the ground. She sends Rudra and others there to dig. They find Arto’s hand and pull him out of the box. Arto is having trouble breathing, so Imlie gives him water. She says she’s sorry she’s late. Arto tells her he can’t live without her, and they hug. His family hugs him, too. Arto says that they need to move quickly before Anu returns.

Imlie 24th August 2023 Written Update

Kia and Akash go home with Anu. They sleep, and Anu plans to take the money and leave the country. Sheikh’s dad comes to look for him. Anu thinks he might be at a club. Rudra is worried about his son because he has important papers with him. Anu won’t get any money if he doesn’t come back. Anu is getting scared. She sees a ghost and lights that flash, so she screams.

The Rana family acts like they don’t see the ghost when Anu tells them about it. Anu is very scared, so he runs away. Arto thinks that she is scared of being found. The ghost says its body will soon be found. Kia and Akash don’t see anything when Anu tries to show them the ghost. People think she is making things up. When the cops show up, they say Anu moved the body after killing him. They have proof from a film.

Kia and Akash dislike Anu and say she also tricked them. Anu says they are betrayers. She says she buried the body in the room under the big light. The cops say they’ll take her into custody. Rudra is shocked and asks her how she could kill his kid. Anu says she lied to the Rana family to take their house. She is shocked when Arto and Rudra come up to her.

Imlie 24th August 2023 Written Update

Precap: Anu says that everyone has hurt her. She takes the policeman’s gun and shoots. Imlie is yelling.

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