Imlie 23rd August 2023 Written Update: Imlie gets worried for Arto.

Imlie 23rd August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anu asks Rudra, who is getting ready to leave, where he has been all this time. Rudra says that he was taking care of business. Anu says that Mr Sheik told her to rest. Rudra jokes with her to try to change the subject. After explaining, he leaves. Rudra sees his family and tells them he’s worried about work he hasn’t finished. Imlie tells everyone that they can solve their problems if they all work together. But when they go outside, Anu and her men have them in a trap.

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Anu stops Arto from leaving when he tries to leave later. She asks him where he has been and says he and his father are too busy with her business deal. Arto gives an excuse and then asks about Anu’s staff. Anu says she took a day off for them. In a flashback, Anu frightens the Rana family by tying them to chairs. While Arto is busy saving his family, she wants to sell the Rana house.

Imlie 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Sheikh has a business deal that Anu wants him to sign. Anu discovers from Arto that he loves Imlie and wants to see her. Anu laughs at Arto for doing this but then agrees with him. Arto is shocked when he sees where the Rana family is being kept. Anu wants Sheikh to give her money, but Imlie worries that Arto won’t have any.

She acts like she hurts herself to keep him safe. When Arto tries to help, he trips and stays on the ground. All of us are scared. Akash looks into it and says that Sheikh is dead. The Ranas and Anu are shocked. When Kia and Akash threaten Anu, she runs away with them.

Anu, Kia, and Akash talk about keeping the Ranas from finding out about Sheikh’s death. When Arto wakes up, he thinks about Imlie’s phone call about Anu’s plan. Imlie says that Anu will catch the Ranas, even though he wants to help them. They decide to act as though Arto has died.

Imlie 23rd August 2023 Written Update Imlie gets worried for Arto

With the help of Kia and Akash, Anu thinks of a place to hide Sheikh’s body. She tells Rana and his family to leave. Devika cares about Arto. Rudra does his best to cheer her up. Imlie thinks Arto will be okay. Inside the house, Anu and Akash bury Arto. She acts like she is taking Sheikh’s body, but Imlie knows the truth. Imlie says that Arto might be inside the house after Anu leaves.

Precap: Imlie’s family goes looking for Arto. When they find where Anu buried him, they are shocked by what they find inside the box.

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