Imlie 22nd August 2023 Written Update: Arto and Imlie share an eye lock

Imlie 22nd August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anu desires to talk with Imlie’s supervisor. She learns from Imlie when she gets there that Bharti paid a visit because she hadn’t been to work in a long. Bharti is pulled aside by Imlie, who claims to be broke. Bharti questions Imlie’s whereabouts during the party. They are working at the party, Imlie informs her. Imlie tells Bharti to wait while she requests her money.

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Arto pulls Imlie away, who questions why her employer is present. Imlie claims to owe money to Bharti. When they notice Anu approaching, they hide. They briefly exchange, but Imlie tells Arto not to act seductively. Arto’s pal is diverting Anu.

Imlie 22nd August 2023 Written Update

Anu discusses his father with Sheikh. Arto invents a tale. Anu asks Rudra to serve beverages. Imlie discovers toys in a suitcase in a room. She believes that another bag with money got mixed up. She becomes anxious. Arto notices Kia watching a video of himself. To divert her, he pretends to collapse. Kia is still eager to show Anu the video. Imlie and Arto discuss their issues and their strategy for recovering the money.

Bharti awaits Imlie. Sheikh dismisses Akash and orders Bharti to keep her financial affairs private, where he takes her. Anu will see a video on the Sheikhs from Kia. Imlie cleans Anu’s room, but Anu yells at her. Anu becomes irate after getting dust in her eyes. The video Kia tries to play is the incorrect one. Anu demands that they leave out of rage.

Imlie recalls switching the video. Arto reveals his true identity to Bharti. Arto prevents someone from stealing the money briefcase. He hands Bharti the cash. When Kairi inquires about their success, Arto seems upbeat.

Imlie 22nd August 2023 Written Update

When Anu learns Arto has left, she fears he will scuttle a transaction.

Precap: Anu intends to harm Arto’s family and sell the house in the following scene. Arto makes up that he is hurt.

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