Imlie 18th February 2024 Written Update: Imlie tells Binni she will expose her.

Imlie 18th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Imlie tells Shivani not to involve him and to stay out of the problem. Sonali shares her worry with Imlie about the possibility of someone coming to ask questions about Raghu. Imlie promises that no one will come, but if they do, they will say they did nothing wrong. Imlie is ready to take the blame herself. Shivani plans to tell Avi she’s sick to avoid questions. Imlie also asks Sonali if she has found any information about Binni.

Sonali admits she hasn’t found anything about Binni, and everyone thinks she’s supporting Binni. Imlie asks Sonali for a favour. Binni is surprised to learn from Sonali that a package has arrived for her but finds no delivery person outside. Suddenly, Imlie shows up, shocking Binni. Binni mocks Imlie for starting a food delivery service. Imlie warns Binni that she knows about her fake pregnancy and will reveal the truth.

Imlie 18th February 2024 Written Update

Binni claims she’s married to Agasyta, and the child is his. She challenges Imlie, saying she’ll tell everything to Amma ji, believing no one will trust Imlie over her. Imlie gives Binni a final chance to stop lying, or she will expose her. Imlie is determined to uncover Binni’s lies.

Surya and a junior officer go to the Chaudhary’s mansion, suspecting something about Raghu’s disappearance. Along the way, Surya spots Imlie. He remembers Raghu’s last known location was at the Chaudhary’s mansion, where Raghu had argued with Imlie. Surya instructs Tripathi to investigate Raghu’s case with the Chaudharys.

Imlie goes to register for the class 12 exam and encounters Surya. She’s shocked to see him, but he suddenly vanishes. Binni insists to Sonali she’s not lying about her pregnancy, and Sonali says if Binni is truthful, she will receive a lot of love, but if not, Sonali is unsure of the consequences.

Tripathi visits the Chaudhary mansion to inquire about a missing person, causing Sonali and Shivani to panic upon seeing the police. Sonali pulls Shivani away from where Raghu was buried. Surya continues to follow Imlie, leading to a confrontation where Imlie, mistaking Surya for Agasyta, breaks his car window. Surya restrains Imlie, calling her violent and questioning who Agasyta is.

Imlie 18th February 2024 Written Update

Tripathi questioned Amma ji about the family’s whereabouts on February 15, learning only Shivani and Sonali were home. When shown a photo, Sonali denies recognizing the person, but Shivani appears nervous, noticed by Binni. Tripathi’s questioning reveals Imlie’s connection to the family, which Amma ji disputes, labelling Imlie as an unrelated village girl. Tripathi leaves, pondering a family photo that links Agasyta to Surya Reddy.

Imlie confronts Surya, denying he is Agasyta, while Surya dismisses her as mad. Tripathi shares his suspicions with Surya, showing him the photo that confuses Surya about Imlie’s claim. Tripathi suspects the family is hiding something about Imlie.

Precap: Surya’s arrival at the Chaudhary mansion surprises everyone. He seeks Amma Ji’s blessings and confronts Imlie.

Imlie 18th February 2024 Episode Review

In this drama episode, Imlie is determined to keep her family from facing the consequences of their actions, especially regarding Raghu’s mysterious situation. Sonali’s worries about being questioned and Imlie’s bold promise to take the blame if needed make the story more tense as it goes on. It gets more complicated and dishonest when Binni’s questionable pregnancy is added to the story. Setting the stage for a heated confrontation, Imlie’s determination to reveal Binni’s lies shows her bravery and dedication to the truth.

In a side story, Surya looks into what happened to Raghu, and Imlie has personal problems. This makes the story more complicated. The mysterious link between Surya and Agasyta, hinted at by mistaken identity and a strange photo, adds an interesting twist, making viewers eagerly wait for the mystery to be solved.

The episode keeps people on edge seats by skillfully combining suspense, drama, and mystery. The characters’ emotional depth and the plot’s complexity show that the show is good at telling exciting stories about loyalty, lying, and the search for the truth. Overall, this episode is an exciting addition to the series that makes me look forward to more interesting events in the future.

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