Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th March 2024 Written Update: Savi says Ishaan can prove Mukul wrong.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th March 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Surekha asks Savi if what Mukul is saying is true. Surekha approaches Savi for answers, but Asmita intervenes, insisting that nothing happened. However, Savi urges Asmita to reveal the truth. Savi discloses that Mukul has been targeting Anvi since she was a child. Surekha turns to Anvi to confirm Savi’s statement, but Anvi denies it. Surekha is outraged and questions Savi’s audacity to accuse Mukul. Suddenly, a plant falls from upstairs, catching the attention of the Bhosle family, who rush to Surekha to inquire about the commotion.

Surekha informs the Bhosle family about Savi‘s accusation against Mukul for harming Anvi. The Bhosle family is stunned by this revelation. Surekha points out that Savi’s accusations have made Anvi visibly frightened. Savi counters, asserting that Anvi’s fear stems from Mukul’s actions. She insists that Mukul has been harming Anvi since she was twelve. Yashwant silences Savi with a harsh remark, and Surekha demands she stop.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th March 2024 Written Update

Ishaan reminds Savi that he had already asked her not to broach this topic. Surekha asked if Ishaan was aware of Savi’s thoughts beforehand. Savi claims she had confided in Ishaan but was silenced. Ishaan defended himself, stating that he had discussed the matter with Anvi, who denied it. Nevertheless, Savi maintains her accusation against Mukul. Witnessing the heated argument, Ashmita escorts Anvi away from the scene.

Mukul apologizes to the Bhosle family, admitting fault, and declares Anvi is like a daughter to him. He takes responsibility for any misunderstanding and suggests Savi’s accusations might stem from a personal experience. Savi refutes this, emphasizing that the issue revolves around Mukul’s actions towards Anvi.

Durva criticizes Savi, suggesting she has a habit of making baseless accusations. Durva reminds Savi of a past incident where she almost got Ayush in trouble with a joke and accused Kiran similarly. Mukul announces his intention to leave the house, feeling he can’t stay amidst such accusations.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th February 2024 Written Update

Surekha interjects, proposing that if anyone should leave, it should be Savi. She threatens to depart with Mukul and Apsara if Savi remains. Ishaan attempts to diffuse the tension, urging Savi to retreat to her room, but she refuses. Yashwant decides that Savi will leave before the function, and everyone disperses.

Precap: Savi questions Ishaan about what she should do if she can prove Mukul’s wrongdoing. She asks for a chance to prove herself. Ishaan agrees but warns of the consequences if she fails. Apsara informs Mukul about recording the Holi celebration on her phone, suggesting they might find evidence against Mukul.

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