Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th March 2024 Written Update: Anvi asks Savi to tell the truth to her family.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th March 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Apsara asks Ishaan to put colour on the person he likes the most. Ishaan puts color on Savi. This makes Reeva sad because she sees this. Ishaan is surprised when he realizes he has not put colour on Reeva but on Savi instead. Apsara gives buttermilk to Ishaan and Savi. They drink the buttermilk.

Later, Ishaan puts colour on Reeva and wishes her a happy Holi. Durva offers buttermilk to Reeva and Ishaan, which they drink. Anvi takes her comb, breaks a glass, unlocks a door, and leaves. After the game, Apsara asks for music, and everyone starts dancing. Suddenly, Anvi stops the music. She tells the Bhosle family that she has wanted to share something important for a few days. Anvi mentions that Savi suggested she should see a psychiatrist.

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Anvi agrees she needs to see one and believes a psychiatrist would have helped her share what she is about to say. She says Savi gave her the bravery to speak the truth in front of everyone. Anvi shares her experiences with Mukul with her family from when she was younger. She tells them that Mukul used to spend much time playing with her. He would have her sit on his lap and play doll games together. Anvi admits she didn’t understand what was happening back then.

The game remained the same as years went by. Mukul had warned her never to talk about this game with anyone. Anvi says she told Ashmita about this. Ashmita asked her to stay silent, and she started sending her to camp, saying that Ashmita couldn’t do anything more than that for her. Anvi admits in front of the Bhosle family that Mukul molested her when she was a kid. The Bhosle family doesn’t react to Anvi’s words. Mukul steps on a Chipkari and falls on the ground.

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All of the Bhosle family members laugh at Mukul. Anvi sees that all of the family members are intoxicated. Anvi asks Savi to tell the truth to her family. Savi tells Anvi that she took her revenge against Mukul when he fell on the floor. Savi calls Mukul a cheater as he mixed Bhaang in everyone’s Thandai. Anvi feels helpless as she tells her problem to everyone, but no one is sober enough to understand her pain. Mukul mocks Anvi and says he heard her and Savi’s conversation.

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