Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th January 2024 Written Update: Savi prays and asks God to forgive her.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Ishaan apologizes to Reeva and helps her stand up. Reeva wants to know why Ishaan did what he did and pushes him. Ishaan falls and sleeps because he drank too much. Surekha disagrees with Ishaan and Savi getting married. Surekha tells Ishaan that she always thought Savi would ruin his life. She had warned Ishaan to stay away from Savi, but he did not listen.

Surekha tells Reeva that Savi is taking advantage of Ishaan’s goodness. Yashwant tells Surekha to relax. Swati tells Reeva not to blame herself for Ishaan’s actions. Savi prays and asks God to forgive her for lying about her marriage. She sees a priest discussing a special prayer that needs 11 married women. Savi hopes God won’t punish Harini for her lies. She tells the priest she is married and asks if she can join the prayer. The priest says yes.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th January 2024 Written Update

Swati tells Reeva to leave with her as nothing is left for her here. Surekha tries to convince Swati that it’s not Ishaan’s fault but Savi’s doing. Swati criticizecriticizes. She tells Surekha to see if other family members are causing trouble. Yashwant says sorry to Swati for Ishaan’s behaviour. Swati says she would have been harsher than Reeva. Swati warns the family to take care of Reeva, or she will be furious. She sarcastically congratulates them and leaves with Reeva.

Yashwant is angry at Ishaan and tries to wake him up. Nishikanth and Surekha say Ishaan is passed out. Yashwant leaves him and goes away. Surekha asks Nishikanth to keep this issue quiet. Nishikanth says it’s hard as guests see everything. Durva tells Surekha that Savi wears traditional married women’s symbols at college. Surekha says Savi will never be accepted as a daughter-in-law.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th January 2024 Written Update

The priest is shown doing a prayer, and Savi joins in. Yashwant asks Nishikanth to tell him when Ishaan wakes up. Surekha tells Yashwant it’s not Ishaan’s fault and blames Savi. She thinks Savi and Harini are tricking Ishaan as part of Isha’s plan. Ashmita tells Surekha that it doesn’t seem like Harini is pretending. She also says the video showed Ishaan forcing Savi, not vice versa. Surekha gets angry at Ashmita. Surekha had trouble breathing, and Nishikanth sent Ashmita away.

The priest asks the women to think of their husbands during the prayer. Savi is unsure if she should consider Ishaan, her husband, but decides to do it. Another woman notices Savi crying and asks what’s wrong. Savi says her sister is sick, and the woman comforts her.

Precap: Savi sees someone trying to shoot Ishaan from behind a tree. She steps in and gets shot instead. Ishaan takes Savi home. Surekha and Reeva see this. Surekha tells Ishaan that even if Savi marries him, she will not be accepted in the family. She promises to make Reeva the daughter-in-law instead.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th January 2024 Episode Review

There is an excellent mix of drama and suspense in this episode. It starts with Ishaan telling Reeva he’s sorry, which sets a tone of regret and conflict. The fight between Reeva and Ishaan, which happened because he was drunk, shows how unstable the characters’ relationships are. Surekha’s strong opposition to Ishaan and Savi’s marriage adds to the family conflict and shows how traditional values and modern love can clash.

Savi’s character is shown to have depth as she struggles with telling lies about being married. Her prayer and participation in the Vrath add a spiritual element to the episode. This adds to the cultural richness and shows her conflicted and devotedness. Mighty is the fight between Swati and the Bhosle family. The strong words and warnings Swati gives her family show how important family honour and reputation are to her.

The dramatic turn in the episode comes when Savi takes a bullet for Ishaan. This scene is both shocking and moving. It stands for the ultimate sacrifice and love that isn’t spoken, which keeps people on the edge of their seats. Overall, the episode combines drama, emotion, and cultural depth, which makes it very interesting to watch. The complicated characters and how they are connected are shown so well that viewers can’t wait for the next part of the story.

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