Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th September 2023 Written Update: Ishaan asks Savi why she didn’t complain against Kiran.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th September 2023 Written Update: Savi asks Kiran what he said about her in today’s episode. Ishaan tells her that Kiran said Savi made him feel uncomfortable when they were alone. Savi doesn’t understand why people believe Kiran.

Shantanu says that Savi is a good student and should be able to say what she thinks. He calls on Savi to talk. Savi says that Kiran is lying and that he tried to molest her. She also wants a new room because she doesn’t feel safe in the one she has. Everyone is taken aback.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th September 2023 Written Update
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Ishaan asks Savi why she didn’t tell the police about Kiran since she stood up for herself in college. He tells her not to stay at the hostel. Shantanu tells her she needs to be honest. Yashwant says that Savi won’t get a room at the hostel. Savi thinks about what Kiran said and leaves the meeting.

Shantanu talks to Savi after the meeting. He asks her why she is quiet. Savi says her sister Harini is pregnant and doesn’t want to cause trouble. Shantanu tells her to stand up to Kiran and be strong. Savi says, “Thank you,” and then stands up.

Shantanu leaves the meeting, and Ishaan asks him why. He says Savi is important to him. Shantanu tries to tell Ishaan that he also cares about him, but Ishaan doesn’t understand. Harini is happy when Kiran gives her a rose. She asks him why Savi left and if anything happened between them. When she asks Kiran a question, he grabs her hand tightly.

When Savi shows up, Kiran is told to let go of Harini. She tells him that she knows he lied about her at college. Harini’s stomach hurts. Savi gives her help. Harini asks Kiran why he would do something like this to Savi. Kiran asks Harini to trust him, but Harini is likelier to trust Savi. Savi says Kiran made it impossible for her to get a hostel room.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th September 2023 Episode Review

The episode discusses the severe and complicated problems of harassment, trust, and what happens when you say something. It’s a dramatic and emotional story that makes us think about who to trust when things aren’t going well.

Savi’s character stands out because she struggles with the effects of both keeping quiet and speaking up. At first, she didn’t want to report Kiran because she wanted to protect her pregnant sister, Harini. This shows how difficult it can be for victims to speak up. On the other hand, Shantanu seems to be the episode’s moral compass. He tells Savi to talk to Kiran and tell her the truth.

Ishaan’s role seems to be a little bit of a problem. His immediate disbelief and suggestion that Savi shouldn’t stay in the hostel show how hard it can be for victims to report harassment because of social barriers. This part makes the episode seem more accurate, but it could make people feel one of two ways.

Kiran is shown to be the apparent bad guy. He is mean to both Savi and Harini, but especially to Savi. When he tightly grips Harini’s hand, it shows how controlling he is and hints at worse things to come.

The episode does an excellent job of showing how each character has different feelings and goals that are at odds with each other. It makes you wonder how schools work since Savi isn’t given a fair chance to tell her side of the story initially and loses her hostel room because of a single accusation.

But it would have been interesting for the episode to go into more depth about how the government works and where it goes wrong. Yashwant’s decision to deny Savi a room in the hostel is quick and seems unfair, but there isn’t much attention paid to the more significant institutional problems this raises.

Overall, the episode is exciting and makes you feel many different things. It does an excellent job of touching on essential issues like harassment, the power dynamics of accusations, and how complicated relationships can be in these situations.

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