Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st September 2023 Written Update: Ishaan says he never trust Savi.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Isha asks Shantanu what happened at Bhosale’s house. Shantanu tells her that Ishaan thinks he’s leaving him for her. Rao also tells him that he is no longer welcome at Bhosale’s. Isha can’t believe it. Shantanu says that no one pays attention to him. He wants to help his wife improve, but no one gets it. He leaves, and Isha sees him off.

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Savi goes into Harini’s room of Harini. Harini comes out of the bathroom and tells Savi that she’s pregnant. Savi’s glad for her. Harini hopes that the baby will help her and Kiran get along better.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st September 2023 Written Update

Savi tries to talk to Ishaan later about school. She is told to leave by Ishaan. He says that she is not moral. Savi asks him what he means by that. Ishaan says she helped Isha and was on her side when she filed a complaint. He doesn’t believe her, so he leaves.

Savi meets Isha and asks her why she changed her mind about filing a complaint against Vinu. Isha says she doesn’t want to mess up Vinu’s life. Savi says that he needs to be punished, or he will do even worse things. Isha asks her to take her point of view. Ishaan got them wrong, says Savi.

Ishaan gives everyone coffee. He is a surprise to see for Durva. She gets a certain kind of coffee. Ishaan hears from Savi that she needs to talk to him. Ishaan asks what she wants to say. Savi wants him to pay attention to her.

When Kiran gets home, he is mad at Harini because she made a sour curry. Harini gives him candy and tells him they will have a baby. Kiran is content. He has to get ready for Pinky’s wedding, Harini tells him. She says that Savi will come afterwards. Kiran agrees, so he leaves.

Savi tells Ishaan why Isha changed her mind about what she had said. Ishaan thinks on his own. Savi says that he gets everyone but her and Isha.

Savi gets to go home. Kiran locks the door. He tells Savi he will be a dad and asks for a hug. Kiran grabs Savi the wrong way when she gives him a side hug. Kiran tries to get her to like him. Savi pushes him and tells him he is married and will soon be a father. Kiran says her sister will be hurt if he doesn’t get what he wants. Savi is taken aback. She hits him, then runs out of the room. She bites the hand he’s holding and locks the door. She won’t tell anyone but won’t do what he wants.


In today’s episode, the characters are tense as they deal with complex personal and family problems. Shantanu struggles to find a balance between his new relationship and his responsibilities to his family. This makes him feel alone. Isha’s shock at how the Bhosale family treats Shantanu shows how far apart expectations and reality are.

Harini’s pregnancy gives her a glimmer of hope, but it also makes her wonder if a baby can help her relationship with Kiran get better. Ishaan’s continued misunderstanding of Savi and Isha worsens family tensions and makes it hard for them to get along. Even though Savi tries to understand and talk to Ishaan, he still seems stuck in his wrong ideas.

The episode also talks about the troubling problem of harassment. For example, Savi and Isha discuss whether they should file a complaint against Vinu. Isha’s hesitation shows how social pressures make it hard for women to fight for justice.

When Kiran crosses a line with Savi, it’s a big surprise and adds an unsettling layer to how the family works. Savi’s quick and brave response sets up what could be a significant turning point in the story.

Overall, the episode is an emotional roller coaster that deals with complex topics like family responsibilities, moral dilemmas, and the darker sides of human behaviour. The characters are at a crossroads, and it’s unclear where their choices will lead them. This makes for an exciting story.

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