Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th October 2023 Written Update: Ishaan gives a timetable to Savi to top UPSC.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Ishaan tells his family he couldn’t open the door because it was locked. His relatives Shantanu, Shika, and Asmita laugh. But Surekha doesn’t find it funny and asks why he didn’t call them. Ishaan explains he forgot his phone in the car, and Savi’s phone wasn’t working. He laughs, finding the whole thing funny.

Surekha is upset with Ishaan and questions his relationship with Savi. Ishaan says he now knows Savi better and thinks she’s a good person. He wants Surekha to think positively about Savi, too. After their talk, everyone goes to sleep. Surekha thinks about finding a wife for Ishaan to prevent him from getting too close to Savi.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th October 2023 Written Update

The next day, Savi is getting ready for college when Surekha visits. Savi welcomes her. Surekha likes how Savi arranged her room and says it feels like home. Savi says she got help from Shukla and Ishaan. Surekha tells Savi to call her if she needs anything and hints that Ishaan will get married soon.

Savi wishes him well. When Savi realizes she’s late for college, she rushes and accidentally bumps into Ishaan. Ishaan asks why she’s late. Savi says she was with Surekha and had to give her time. She also mentions she’s still on time for class. Ishaan is puzzled by Surekha’s actions.

After school, Savi discusses festival plans with her friends. Ishaan asks Savi to come to a meeting room. Inside, Ishaan gives Savi a tight schedule to help her study. Savi worries she won’t have time to rest. Ishaan insists she must stick to the plan to do well in her exams. That night, Savi works hard and falls asleep. She’s shocked when Ishaan calls her the next day to remind her about her test. After the call, she exercises.

Ishaan looks for study books, and Surekha tells him they’re in a storage room. She asks if he’s teaching someone since he’s already passed the exam. Ishaan says he’s helping Savi. This upsets Durva.

Later, friends Kinjal and Kavya ask Savi to see festival stalls. She’s busy studying. There are rumours that Ishaan spends too much time with Savi. Durva wants to prove Savi doesn’t deserve Ishaan’s help.

During a test, Ishaan teaches Savi about focusing by playing loud music while she writes. She needs to stay concentrated no matter what.

Precap: Surekha tells the family she wants Ishaan to marry first, then Durva. Shantanu worries it’s too fast. Yashwant thinks Ishaan should forget his old girlfriend, Reeva. To everyone’s surprise, Ishaan says he’s moved on from Reeva and wants to marry Savi.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th October 2023 Episode Review

This episode does an excellent job of showing how complicated family relationships and personal goals can be. The relationship between Ishaan and Savi is significant; it shows a mentor-mentee relationship that is growing into something more. The episode hints subtly that Ishaan is starting to like Savi while also making Surekha worry about how close they are getting. The episode also shows how competitive school can be by showing how Ishaan pushes Savi to do her best on her exams.

Durva’s apparent jealousy adds an exciting level of drama. The story has a good balance of family relationships, romance, and rivalry, but the pacing is slightly off, especially in the second half. Still, the cliffhanger ending ensures people are excited about the next part. Overall, it is an exciting episode with many interesting character interactions and plot twists.

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