Durga Aur Charu 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Durga Aur Charu 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Durga regaining consciousness and asking why she doesn’t remember anything and what happened. Charu tells Durga that the latter should have eaten food. Sampurna lies that they brought her from marriage mandap because Durga fainted. Durga asks if her marriage happened, and she doesn’t remember that.

Charu tells her that the latter can’t retake spheres. She says that Durga may forget them, too, due to hunger. Durga asks Charu why the latter’s head is filled with vermilion. Sampurna tells her that they played the vermilion rituals after marriage. Charu wipes the vermilion. On the other hand, Anirban decides to meet Durga to learn about her health.

Durga says that she doesn’t remember anything. Sampurna tells her that the latter’s dream got fulfilled today. Durga says that she is happy that she is Anirban’s wife. She goes to the bathroom. Sampurna tells Charu that they should not tell the truth to anyone. Anirban comes there and asks what they are talking about. Charu says that Sampurna was asking where she was when the marriage happened. She asks him not to give Durga’s place to anyone. Sampurna says that they will miss Durga. Anirban says that he came to know about Durga’s health. Durga tells him that she is okay. Sampurna asks Anirban to wait downstairs.

Meanwhile, Savitri says that no news came from Choudhary’s house. Latika tells herself that marriage would have got broken. Dadi comes there with Guruji. She says that bad happened. Latika brings shocked to learn that the union had occurred successfully. She wonders how Durga reached the marriage mandap. She gets angry at Chumki.

Charu brings Durga downstairs. Charu’s dupatta gets stuck on Anirban’s jewel. And Anirban removes it. Chumki asks Charu why the latter missed the marriage rituals. One girl tells Chumki not to talk about it now. Chumki pushes Charu towards Anirban while dancing. She tells Charu not to get close to Anirban because he is not just her friend. Charu goes inside. Chumki notices that Charu is not typical and follows her.

Sampurna asks Priest about next muhurat. Priest tells her it will come after a hundred days and leaves from there. Sampurna tells Charu that they will do Durga and Anirban’s marriage after hundred days. Chumki asks why the latter wants to do Durga and Anirban’s wedding again. And if anything is missed today.

Sampurna says that she was talking about the page here ritual. She sends Chumki from there. Chumki thinks that something is fishy for sure. Sampurna asks God not to punish Durga. Charu tells her the latter did right, so she should not blame herself. Sampurna praises Charu and hugs her. Durga’s bidaai ritual happens. Chumki means that Durga is accompanying her and won’t let her miss anyone. Durga hugs Charu.

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