Dheere Dheere Se 18th May 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 18th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Bhawana telling Baghat Ji that she won’t comply with the practices he asks her to do. The sad part is that people are blindly willing to follow these practices. Aanchal and Raghav smile. Bhawana asks Baghat Ji if God treats all humans equally. Baghat Ji replies that God treats all humans equally—Bhawana questions why humans act this way toward their fellow humans.

Baghat Ji explains that these norms have been created to protect certain things in society and differentiate between animals and humans. Bhawana points out that even when an animal loses its partner, it is not cast out of the jungle, so why do humans do this to each other?

Dheere Dheere Se 18th May 2023 Written Update
Dheere Dheere Se 18th May 2023 Written Update

Baghat Ji states that he has already explained that these norms are meant to protect everything and everyone. Bhawana argues that humans create these norms and can be followed based on convenience. She questions how a religious ritual can be conducted with just Rs. 5, while sometimes even five lakhs aren’t enough. Baghat Ji becomes speechless, and Malini and Bhanu look furious.

Dimple receives a message from Abhishek informing her that Bhawana refuses to follow Baghat Ji’s orders. She becomes happy and tries to observe what’s happening from the balcony. Swati joins her and makes rude remarks about the Shastri family. Dimple becomes annoyed and defends the Shastri family. Swati grows suspicious and questions Dimple about why she has become a fan of the Shastri family, just like Raghav. Dimple becomes nervous. Aarav calls out to Swati, and she leaves the place.

Meanwhile, Bhawana asks her second question to Baghat Ji about who has control over the birth and death of a human. Jagjeevan recites a few lines from the holy book, and Baghat Ji confirms that birth and death are in God’s hands. Bhawana questions why, if God is the one who decides everything, she was forced to follow norms created by humans.

Baghat Ji is stunned. Raghav, Aanchal, and Vidya look proud. Bhawana asserts that she lost her husband and has been suffering since that day, but it doesn’t mean she has to prove her pain by wearing white clothes, shaving her head, and staying in an ashram. Bhanu gets angry, while Malini and Amit are stunned.

Bhawana asks her final question to Baghat Ji: where does someone’s soul go after death? Jagjeevan explains the belief that good souls go to heaven and evil ones go to hell. Bhawana states that she knows her husband has a pure heart and a good soul, and he wouldn’t want to see her and their daughter in pain. She further explains that she has to take responsibility for the house alone since her husband is no more. Therefore, whether she fulfills these responsibilities wearing white clothes or colored clothes won’t change anything in her life, nor will her husband come back to life. Baghat Ji remains silent.

Bhanu gets angry and tells Bhawana to obey Baghat Ji’s orders to protect the family. Bhawana questions why she has to do all this alone when everyone in the family has also lost Deepak. She reminds them that she breathes the same air and basks in the same sunlight just like them, so why should she endure all this alone? Bhanu tells her to shut up and obey the elders’ words. Bhawana asks if elders are meant to insult others.

She firmly states that she won’t follow these norms, shocking Bhanu. Baghat Ji decides to leave the house, but Bhanu stops him and reminds him about the money he gave him to make Bhawana leave the city. Baghat Ji shouts at Bhanu, shocking everyone. Bhawana demands an explanation for Baghat Ji’s outburst toward Bhanu. Baghat Ji reveals that Bhanu paid him to do all of this, leaving everyone stunned.

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