Chashni 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Chashni 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Nirbhay waiting for Roshini to propose to her. Roshini comes there. He gave a rose to her. He proposes to her to marry him. He says to her that he was waiting for this moment many times. But he didn’t get a better time. Chandini reaches the place and spots the auto there. She thinks that Roshini travelled in it. Nirbhay asks her. Will she marry him? She is about to answer him, but Chandini comes there. Nirbhay manages the situation there by lying. He met Roshini here accidentally. He inquired Roshni about her father.

Roshini adds that she came to meet Urmi. Chandini says that she is aware Roshini won’t lie to her. She thanks Nirbhay for helping them. She excuses them. Chandini gets a phone call. She is shocked after attending the call. Bindu and Vandana are searching for Sanjay at home. Roshini notices the ring in Nirbhay’s hand and hugs him in happiness. She says to him that she is waiting for the moment when his financial condition gets stable. He says to her that he will get a loan asap.

Sanjay creates a scene in the fire station. He demands they allow him to meet Vikas. He betrayed him. Chandini reaches there and tries to control him. Sanjay isn’t listening to anyone. He wishes to meet his daughters. Chandini lies to him that his wife Sarojini and daughters have returned home. She thanks Manav for controlling the situation. She takes him from there. Later, a few goons create a scene in front of Nirbhay. Nirbhay consoles Roshini that he will handle it.

Nirbhay asks them why they are dragging Roshini into their matters. He tells Nirbhay that he took a loan from him but hasn’t repaid it yet. He isn’t ready to call him. He threatens him to return the money asap and leaves. Later, Vandana says to Chandini that she told them she shouldn’t bring Sanjay back home. Because of him, his job is at stake. Chandini assures them to take good care of him. But they shouldn’t reveal the truth to Roshini. Why hasn’t she returned home yet?

Roshini is in Nirbhay’s pub. He tries to console her. She tells him that he must repay the loan in a few days. It’s impossible to repay it. He only has this property with him. He got a loan on this name too. He assures her to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Head scolds Manav for allowing Sanjay to create this mess. Manav assures him that he will take care of this. He won’t let this happen next time. Head tells Manav that Chandini’s father created this mess, so she has to clear this mess. Manav tells him that Chandini’s fault is not a fault in it. He is adamant about his decision.

Chandini comes there and apologizes to them on behalf of Sanjay. She assures them to clean the fire station. Later, Roshini prepares a snack for Chandini to talk about Nirbhay. She thinks she reasonably believes Nirbhay because he saved them from that incident. It’s a good time to share her relationship with Nirbhay. She inquires Bindu what Sanjay is doing. She tells her that he is sleeping. Chandini returns home. Roshini understands she isn’t in a good mood to discuss it. Vandana shares her grief with Bindu. Raunaq hears it. He plays kites with Chandini to make her happy.

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