Chashni 18th May 2023 Written Update

Chashni 18th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Raunaq expressing his regret for not doing anything for his love or mother. Chandni reassures him that he didn’t know the truth back then, but they both know it now. She suggests that they work together to bring justice for his mother.

Raunaq stands up and declares his intention to harm Sanjot Babbar, but Chandni intervenes and urges him to reconsider. She proposes that instead of resorting to violence, they gather evidence against Sanjot and arrest her. Chandni comforts Raunaq and emphasizes that she cannot allow him to do anything wrong.

Chashni 18th May 2023 Written Update
Chashni 18th May 2023 Written Update

Chandni affectionately hugs Raunaq and rests her head on his shoulder. She promises to join forces with him to seek justice for his mother, and in return, Raunaq pledges to assist her in saving Roshni. Curious about Chandni’s kind nature, Raunaq questions how she could harm someone else’s sister. Chandni insists that she has never done anything wrong.

Raunaq confesses that he likes her a little, and they engage in a playful and humorous argument, both under the influence of alcohol. They sweetly admit their feelings for each other. Raunaq playfully asks if they can share a kiss, and Chandni agrees. He affectionately kisses her on the forehead.

Chandni wakes up and is shocked to find both of them sleeping closely together on the bed. They resume arguing, and Raunaq asks for medicine as he has a headache. Chandni fetches it but takes some for herself before passing it to Raunaq. She explains to Raunaq that they need to gather evidence against Sanjot. Raunaq asks for ideas, but Chandni receives a call from Manav and steps outside to talk. Raunaq wonders why he feels jealous about the call.

Sanjot asks if Sumer has informed her about something. Chandni tells her that Sumer has extended his trip and will go to Dubai after completing his work in Europe. Sanjot becomes angry, and Chandni reflects that at least Sumer and Roshni are safe away from home. Nisha visits the fire station and pleads with Manav to forget her confession and at least be her friend, as she feels very lonely. However, Manav hesitates and declines her request, stating that being friends would only deepen her feelings, which would be wrong. Nisha prays for things to get resolved.

Sanjot receives a call from Roshni and expresses her happiness about Roshni and Sumer’s blossoming relationship. She mentions sending special laddus for Roshni and informs her about some papers that need to be signed by Sumer. Sanjot intends for Roshni to consume the laddus, preventing her from conceiving.

Chandni notices Sanjot giving the laddus to Ishika to be sent to Roshni and realizes that she must have tampered with them. Chandni interrupts and makes excuses to prevent the laddus from being sent. She insists on keeping some laddus from the box and accidentally causes them to fall on the floor. The episode concludes with Chandni vowing not to let Sanjot’s plans succeed.

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