Bigg Boss 17 17th October 2023 Written Update: Ankita shares her love story with Manara and Abhishek.

Bigg Boss 17 17th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Ankita is seen meditating. Big Boss tells Ankita to stay calm, no matter what others do.

Abhishek says sorry to Soniya for how he acted yesterday night. Soniya doesn’t like fighting, but Abhishek says he does.

Day 2, 10:30 AM: Everyone wakes up.

2:45 PM: Arun, Sunny, and Abhishek talk about a funny topic and all laugh.

Bigg Boss 17 17th October 2023 Written Update

Abhishek wants Soniya to thank him because he believes she became more famous due to their argument. Soniya doesn’t understand and asks him to explain.

Soniya, Arun, and Sunny talk about Abhishek. Arun says he’ll stand up to Abhishek if he tries to fight him.

Ankita talks about her love story with Manara and Abhishek.

3:30 PM: Arun and Abhishek have a big fight. Abhishek makes fun of Arun, and others try to stop the fight.

Navid asks what’s happening. Arun thinks Abhishek is making a mistake.

4 PM: Sunny tells Abhishek to stay calm. Abhishek gets mad at Sunny.

Munawar tries to stop the fight. During the fight, Khanzadi gets hurt.

Bigg Boss gathers everyone. He tells Abhishek not to start fights.

Munawar and Vicky ask Abhishek to apologise to Arun and Sunny because he started it.

4:15 PM: Munawar and Vicky talk to Abhishek.

4:45 PM: Anurag and Arun chat. Abhishek says sorry to Arun. Arun advises Abhishek to stay calm. Abhishek says sorry on camera.

7 PM: Bigg Boss thinks Ankita should relax. He lets her go to a special room. Ankita likes the room and feels good.

Khanzadi sings a song about her ex-boyfriend, and others enjoy it.

7:30 PM: Ankita, Arun, and Anurag talk about house chores. Ankita wants someone to clean the garden. Arun and Anurag changed the task list.

Munawar and Anurag argue about who does more work. Jigna thinks Anurag doesn’t help enough. Arun and Jigna also argue.

8:30 PM: Anurag feels Jigna is not being fair. Arun changed the task list again.

9 PM: Sunny tells Navid to be calm. Arun feels Navid enjoys watching fights.

9:30 PM: Bigg Boss tells everyone to act differently from past seasons.

Bigg Boss talks about a new task. He asks everyone to pick someone. Neil, Isha, Aishwarya, and Vicky pick Manara. Ankita picks herself. Manara picks Isha.

Bigg Boss 17 17th October 2023 Episode Review

In this Bigg Boss episode, there were a lot of arguments and fights, which made things very tense. Ankita was seen meditating and even going to a room to relax and feel better. On the other hand, Abhishek caused a lot of trouble by fighting with many of his housemates, especially Arun. Bigg Boss stepped in and told the contestants not to get into fights that weren’t necessary.

Even though Khanzadi’s song was sometimes funny, the episode was mostly about fights over chores and personal problems. A new task was added by Bigg Boss, which made the drama more competitive. Overall, it was an eventful episode that showed how complicated relationships can be when people are together in a small space.

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