Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2023 Written Updates: Lakshmi confronts Neelam.

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2023 Written Updates: Neelam gives Rishi special clothes for a pre-wedding function before marriage. She tells him he should be happy that he will marry Malishka. Even though he has been married, Neelam says this wedding is essential to her. She wants him to hurry up and get ready.

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Ayush tells Virender that their aunt Mami is becoming suspicious. Both of them think they should say something. Dadi says they should be careful about what they do next, but Ayush doesn’t understand what he means.

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2023 Written Updates

Neelam wanted Rishi to hear what she was saying. He didn’t, though. He told her that she would stop complaining if they got married. She wants him to tell Lakshmi that she needs to go. Rishi is in a bad mood. Dadi says they must help Rishi see how much he cares about Lakshmi.

Ayush wants to help, but it’s hard for him. Neelam also knows this, Karishma says. Malishka reminds everyone that Lakshmi is still here. Sonal does, too. Dadi says that although Rishi doesn’t listen to Neelam, he greatly loves Lakshmi.

Shalu and Bani show up to find out what’s going on. Malishka asks her what she is going to do at the wedding. Karishma says that everyone should be happy because it’s a big day. Sonal says it is a big win for them. Dadi says how brave they are. Virender says that the love between Rishi and Lakshmi is the most important thing.

Karishma wants everything to go well at the wedding. Lakshmi asks Neelam why she didn’t tell her everything when she joined their family. Ayush wants Rishi to understand how much he loves Lakshmi.


In the episode, Neelam gives Rishi special clothes for a wedding that will be happening soon and stresses how important they are. As she wants him to accept his marriage to Malishka, tensions and feelings that haven’t been dealt with arise. The story shows how Rishi’s relationship with Lakshmi was complicated and full of misunderstandings from the past.

The episode shows how different characters feel about love, trust, and relationships, but Rishi’s inner conflict stands out. Family relationships, especially between Rishi, Neelam, and Lakshmi, are this episode’s focus, making it dramatic and emotional.

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