Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2023 Written Updates: Malishka tells Vikrant to leave with Lakshmi before the cops arrive.

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2023 Written Updates: In today’s episode, Malishka doesn’t like it when her mother gets in the way because it means she can’t be honest with Kiran. Kiran tells Malishka to hurry home because Rishi and Virendra told the police about Lakshmi. Malishka gets scared when she hears the word “police” because she doesn’t know what will happen if they find out about her.

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After the call, Malishka is mad at Vikrant for making trouble. When Vikrant hears that the police are involved, he is shocked. He can’t believe how hard Rishi is trying to help Lakshmi. At the same time, Ayush and Shalu look everywhere for Lakshmi but can’t find her.

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2023 Written Updates

Ayush tells Shalu that he was wrong when he thought he saw a suspicious building in the area. Shalu tries to make him feel better by telling him it’s okay to make a small mistake. They know it won’t be easy to find Lakshmi.

Ayush speeds up on his bike, and he and Shalu go in a different direction to find Lakshmi in an old building. Rishi is trying to figure out where to start looking and is worried about what the bad guys might do to Lakshmi. This irritates him.

Now that the police look into what happened, Malishka and Vikrant are scared. Malishka makes fun of Vikrant’s stupid plan. Vikrant tells her he won’t be the only one in trouble if caught. She tells Vikrant they must get Lakshmi and leave before the police find them. How do you think the story of Bhagya Lakshmi will continue?


In this episode of “Bhagya Lakshmi,” which is full of tension, the secrets and betrayals get tighter. As the threat of the police grows, relationships are tested. Malishka’s inner conflict becomes clear when her mother gets in the way of her relationship with Kiran. Kiran nudges Malishka to act out of a sense of urgency, which sets off a chain of events. Vikrant’s mistakes take the story to a new level and show an exciting relationship between him and Malishka. As the police close in and their plans fall apart, you can feel their desperation.

The fact that Ayush and Shalu keep looking for Lakshmi shows how dedicated they are and how hard their job is. Rishi’s care for Lakshmi raises the stakes and gives the story more emotional depth.

The episode does an excellent job of combining suspense, emotional drama, and character development. With their different goals and fears, each character adds a new layer to the story as it goes on. The big question of what will happen to Lakshmi keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, eager to see what will happen next.

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