Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Mehek blackmailing Prathna and Raghu. She tells them that Purvika and Meher are under their control, and if they go against them, their lives will be in danger. Prathna and Raghu feel helpless. Meher and Mrig take Prathna out of the venue while Trisha stands with Raghu. Ranav and Yamini fight, but Patali intervenes and stops them.

Ranav remembers a past incident after seeing Patali, and Yamini addresses her as “Maa.” Patali shows affection towards Yamini and hugs Ranav, but she feels uneasy and confused about why she sees him as Pratham. Suwarna warns Prathna that her family and Naaglok are in danger, and Prathna vows to protect them.

Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Written Update
Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Written Update

Bekaboo 13th May 2023 Written Update

Patali brings Yamini and Ranav home and advises them not to fight. Yamini confronts her, questioning if she now remembers her family. Patali explains her situation, but Ranav angrily asks if she abandoned her children to live her life the wrong way. Prathna lights a lamp before Lord Shiva and dances, asking for guidance on her daughter’s whereabouts. She says she won’t leave until she finds out where her daughter is. Shiv Shakti gives Prathna a clue about Purvika’s location, and she hurries there.

Ranav lies to Patali, claiming he has learned about his grandfather’s story. Patali remarks that his grandfather chose a good path but wondered what went wrong with his upbringing. She mentions that Pari defeated Pratham, and Yamini adds that Patali didn’t come back for them even after knowing about their existence, and their son Ashwath has died too. Patali feels sad, but Ranav accuses her of killing Ashwath and grabs Yamini’s neck.

Patali separates them, and Yamini questions if she returned to assert her rights. Patali expresses her sorrow over Pratham’s death and the recent news of Ashwath’s death. She cries, and Shekar and Dadi overhear the conversation. Dadi enters the room and asks if Ashwath died, and Patali introduces herself as their grandmother. Ranav assures Dadi that she will be his grandmother forever, and Yamini asks if Patali will return home. Patali agrees to go if they agree, and Dadi invites her to join them after the marriage. Patali smirks.

Prathna enters Patal Lok and finds Purvika unconscious on the floor. She defeats the Rakshas guarding Purvika and brings her back to Naagmahal. Patali asks Yamini to support her in attacking Naaglok, revealing that Mehek is also helping her. Yamini realizes that Ranav won’t let them dive into Naaglok if he learns about their plans, so she informs Mehek. Dadi comforts Ranav and lightens his mood, and they share a warm moment. Bela observes them.

Prathna brings Purvika to Naagmahal, where Jeet and Manjeet apologize for misunderstanding her. Prathna assures them that it’s not their fault. Takshak explains the process of saving Purvika, and Prathna performs the ritual to revive her. Purvika regains consciousness and calls Prathna “Mom.” They share an emotional embrace. Prathna asks Takshak and others to care for her daughters while she rushes to stop Raghu’s marriage.

Ranav contemplates how Patali turned them into Rakshas without considering their father’s words. He realizes that Patali has returned with some motive and wonders what it could be. Bela approaches him and asks if he’s okay. He responds coldly, questioning why she is claiming her rights over him. Bela asserts that she is his wife, but Ranav comments dismissively. As they talk, a tree branch starts to fall toward Bela, but Ranav quickly intervenes and saves her just in time.

His blood accidentally falls on Bela’s forehead, resembling Sindoor. They share a moment of connection, and Ranav tells Bela to prepare herself to face her great-grandmother. Bela understands that Ranav has remembered his life as Pratham and that his mother, Patali, has returned. Patali appears at the scene, and Bela wonders about her motives. They leave together, unaware that an unknown man has picked up a fallen bracelet nearby.

Meanwhile, Raghu and Trisha’s marriage is about to be completed. Prathna arrives and stops the flow of time. She calls Suwarna and Ajay inside and instructs them to escort the guests outside. They carry out her orders, and Prathna restores the normal flow of time. Mehek confronts Prathna, reminding her of the warning she gave her. Prathna confidently declares that her daughters are safe now. Raghu unties the sacred thread binding him and asks if Prathna has found their other daughter, Meher. Prathna confirms that Meher is their daughter who saved Purvika’s life. She declares that she won’t spare these people.

Prathna proclaims her determination to seek revenge against Mehek and Patali as a wife and a mother. Patali visits a jewelry store, claiming that the bracelet brought there belongs to a Pari who killed a Rakshas. Ashwath saw the same bracelet before his death. Yamini informs her husband that there will be a battle between Naaglok and Rakshaslok tonight. The situation becomes tense in Naaglok.

Patali, Mehek, and their allies prepare to attack Naaglok, while Ranav decides to prevent the Rakshasas and Yamini from assaulting Naaglok. The Naagvanshis try to stop Ranav, but he remains determined. Mehek arrives at Naaglok, intent on its destruction and facing Nagaraj and the others. Chaos ensues as Naaglok and Mehek’s army engage in a fierce battle.

Pari Ma receives news of the conflict and decides to save Naaglok. Ranav fights alone against the Naagins, who try to stop him. Seshnaagin arrives and attempts to halt Patali and her army, using her powers against them. Mehek and Seshnaagin clash in a heated confrontation. Raghu assures Mehek that he will assist in protecting Naaglok. Yamini arrives and challenges Raghu to fight and defeat her.

Amid the chaos, Pari Ma suddenly appears before Patali and Mehek. Patali commands her to move out of her way, but Pari Ma informs Prathna that she will help her and intends to kill Patali. Mehek dismisses Pari Ma’s efforts, confident that Paris will ultimately lose the battle. Patali manages to sever Rani Pari’s wings, causing her excruciating pain. Bela arrives at the scene and finds her mother lying unconscious. Overwhelmed with emotion, Bela cries out to her, remarking that it has been 20 years since she last saw her. Pari Ma remains unresponsive, lying unconscious.

Bela, filled with rage and determination, fights fiercely with the Naagins. Prathna, weakened by Mehek’s attack, watches helplessly as Bela struggles. Mehek throws her weapon at Prathna, draining her powers entirely. Bela, despite her injuries, tries to rise but is struck down again by Mehek. Desperate to empower Prathna, Bela implores Sesh Naagin to drink her blood, hoping it will grant Prathna the strength to fight the Naagins and emerge victorious. Sesh Naagin reluctantly agrees and drinks Bela’s blood, rejuvenating her powers. With newfound energy, Prathna races to Naaglok.

Patali, prepared to strike Prathna with her weapon, is caught off guard as Prathna retaliates, landing a decisive blow. Bela, weakened by the blood loss, warns Prathna that she may not survive. She explains the cursed nature of love between a Rakshas and a Pari, insisting that they can never be together. Prathna, undeterred, argues that if a Pari and a Rakshas have fallen in love, there must be a reason. Meanwhile, Ranav continues his solitary battle against the Naagins sent by Mehek to hinder him. Bela, exhausted, collapses while conversing with Prathna.

In a desperate attempt to save Bela, Prathna discovers Pari Ma’s feathers nearby and gently touches Bela’s chest with them. Miraculously, as the feathers come into contact with Bela, she awakens from her unconscious state.

Raghu receives praise from his court members, as Sesh Naag and Sesh Naagin have emerged victorious in the war, thwarting Mehek, Patali, and their cohorts’ attack on Naaglok. Vasuki Naag, overwhelmed with emotion, sheds tears. When asked why, he disbelieves that his daughter, Trisha, has turned against Naaglok. Prathna and Raghu reassure him, affirming that it was not his fault but Trisha’s actions alone.

Mehek lies sick and weak after the battle. Trisha, devastated by Raghu’s absence, argues with Professor and Mehek, claiming that she no longer wishes to live. She decides to leave, and Professor and Mehek follow her. Prathna and Raghu open Param’s hand, giving him another chance at life. Upon reaching Naaglok, Ranav receives news that Seshnaag and Sesh Naagin have already saved Naaglok with the help of Pari Lok. However, Ranav senses something still feels amiss, despite Naaglok’s apparent safety. The episode concludes, leaving a sense of unresolved tension.

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