Anupama 8th November 2023 Written Update: Leela alerts Anupama about Malti.

Anupama 8th November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Tapish asks Dimple what she is trying to say. Anupama tells him that he did a good thing by helping Dimple. But Dimple says she didn’t need his help. This makes Anupama and Tapish worried. Tapish thinks he should have known better; sometimes, it’s best not to help. He realizes Dimple might be feeling bad because of her pride.

Then, Tapish asks Anupama to teach him how to dance. Anupama thanks him for not letting Dimple get hurt. During the dance, Tapish says it’s okay to make mistakes. But Anupama says Dimple must be careful and not get hurt because she will have a baby. Tapish is shocked to hear this.

Anupama 8th November 2023 Written Update

Malti drops Anu off at her school. Anu’s teacher tells Malti to let Anupama and Anuj know about the school’s sports day. Malti says she will come to see Anu at the sports day with Anuj. Leela does a ritual to protect Dimple from bad luck. Then Dimple gets a phone call. Anupama and Leela talk about celebrating Diwali.

Leela is worried about what people will think, but Anupama says they celebrated another festival without any problem, so they should celebrate Diwali to make Samar happy. Leela agrees. Then she wonders why Malti is being so friendly suddenly and warns Anupama to be careful around her.

When Malti gets home, she sees Pakhi with a lot of packages. Malti is shocked when Pakhi says she bought make-up and clothes with Anuj’s credit card. Anupama is helping Kavya, who says she’s working from home to help pay for things. Anupama thinks Kavya should be happy. Kavya tells Anupama to take care of herself and suggests she go to Mussoorie for a break.

Anupama is trying to book a place in Mussoorie. Abhira gets the call and thinks it’s from a stalker, which confuses Anupama. Anupama tells Abhira to be strong in all situations. Abhira is happy to talk to Anupama. Malti asks Barkha why Pakhi shops so much. Barkha tells her that Pakhi acts like a victim every six months, and now it’s because she can’t have a baby. Barkha tells Malti that Anuj and Anupama spoil Pakhi and make Malti think Anupama will take over their home. Malti is worried.

Anupama 8th November 2023 Written Update

Anupama is looking for Anu. Malti tells her she let Anu stay overnight at a friend’s place. Anupama tells Malti she should ask for permission next time. Anupama is trying to figure out why Malti is acting like this. She decides to stay quiet because she doesn’t want Anuj and Malti to have problems, but she will take action if Malti keeps doing things she shouldn’t. Anupama wants to spend more time with Anu. Malti decides to go to Anu’s sports day.

Precap: Anuj and Anupama find out that Malti took Anu to school. Malti goes to the sports day with Anu and tells her that Anupama is too busy for her. Anupama can’t make it to the school in time.

Anupama 8th November 2023 Episode Review

There is a lot of drama and emotional complexity in this episode. It starts with Tapish and Dimple not understanding each other, which shows how pride and help are complicated. When Anupama thanks Tapish for his care and shows understanding when Kavya has problems, her caring side comes through. At the same time, Malti’s character adds tension and suspense because Anupama and Leela are questioning her intentions.

Pakhi’s careless spending puts family relationships to the test and hints at more profound problems in the way the family works. Planning Diwali celebrations and stressing how important it is for Anu to be involved in school activities show the cultural side of the show. Anupama doesn’t make it to school on time at the end of the episode, leaving viewers worried about what will happen because of Malti’s actions. Overall, the episode does a good job setting up several storylines, making viewers eager for them to end.

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