Anupama 2nd November 2023 Written Update: Malti against Anupama.

Anupama 2nd November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Kavya feels very happy and emotional when she sees the decorations for her baby shower. Anupama notices this and asks her why she is feeling so emotional. Kavya shares that she never thought they would talk about her baby shower. Anupama advises becoming a mother and tells her that Vanraj will join the celebration. She encourages Kavya to get ready and look her best. When Kavya sees Vanraj, she hopes everything will be okay once the baby arrives.

Dimples is helping with the decorations, but Adhik is worried about her. Pakhi tells Dimples to stop pretending to work because Anupama might scold her. Dimples assures her that she will work when she wants to. Pakhi and Dimples start arguing, and Anupama gets angry with them. She tells them to leave if they want to fight and not to ruin the celebration. She wants everything to be peaceful, for Samar’s sake.

Anupama 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Anuj calls Anupama and realizes that she is angry. He tries to flirt with her to make her feel better. Anupama tells him about the fight between Dimples and Pakhi and asks him to come soon. Meanwhile, Leela is worried because she only has gold bangles for Kavya. Anupama reassures her and gives her bangles to give to Kavya. Leela is hesitant but finally accepts and praises Anupama.

Malti Devi is talking about giving gifts to Kavya. Anuj tells her that Anupama has already given a gift from both of them. Malti is upset because Anupama didn’t ask her first. Anuj explains that he told Anupama not to ask. Malti thinks Anupama should not spend Anuj’s money on the Shahs.

Ankush and Anuj invite Romil to spend time with them. Romil is worried that Anupama has told them everything. Leela notes that everyone, except their family, has joined the function. Anupama assures Kinjal and Paritosh that they are part of the celebration. The Shahs welcome the Kapadias.

Malti sees the bangles Anupama gave to Leela and is upset. Anupama playfully challenges Anuj to flirt with her in front of everyone. Hasmuk brings Vanraj to the function, and he expresses his hope for Samar’s return. Kavya reassures him, saying Samar will return through her or Dimples’ baby. Anupama is moved to tears.

Precap: The Shahs celebrate Kavya’s baby shower. Malti decides she won’t let Anuj keep running after the Shahs any longer.

Anupama 2nd November 2023 Episode Review

The episode does a great job of showing Kavya’s emotional journey as she celebrates her baby shower with family and friends. The decorations and holiday spirit give the party a special touch and make everyone happy and heartfelt.

As usual, Anupama is very important to the episode. She helps Kavya and gives her advice, and she also handles the arguments that happen between the guests. Her strong and caring personality shines through in her ability to keep the peace and ensure the party goes smoothly.

Through how the characters talk to each other, the episode also shows how complicated relationships and family life can be. The arguments between Dimples and Pakhi and Malti Devi’s worries give the story more depth and show how hard it can be to bring together people from different families and backgrounds.

Even though there were fights, the episode ended on a happy note when the Shahs got together to celebrate Kavya’s birthday. People are excited to see what happens next because the preview gives them a hint of more drama to come.

The episode is mostly a mix of feelings, drama, and celebration, which makes it interesting and fun to watch. The episode was powerful because of the great acting and deep conversations that happened in it. It will stay with viewers for a long time.

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