Anupama 27th December 2023 Written Update: Anuj fails to see Anupama’s picture.

Anupama 27th December 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Ansh wants to eat nachos, but Leela tells him not to. Dimple also tells Ansh to eat healthy food. Leela tries to stop Ansh from eating nachos. Vanraj tells Ansh to eat what Dimple gives him and offers him a video game as a gift. Dimple feels sad and can’t do anything. The Shah family gets a gift from Kinjal. Leela misses Kinjal, Paritosh, and Pari. Vanraj wonders what they can do if Kinjal’s family doesn’t want to stay with them. Leela wants to see Kinjal, Paritosh, and Pari. Vanraj promises to tell Kinjal what Leela said.

Anupama thinks Shruti, who often comes to her shop, might return a bag she left. Anupama plans to get a new passport at the embassy. She wants to decorate her room and thanks God for helping her. Anupama writes in her diary. She misses Anuj and Anu and prays for Anu.

Anupama 27th December 2023 Written Update

Anuj tells Anu to eat healthy food, but Anu wants Chinese food. Anu gets upset when Anuj calls her by another name. She asks him to call her Aadya. Anuj says sorry to Aadya and talks to her about being late. Anuj tells Aadya not to spend too much time on social media. Aadya defends herself and looks for Shruti. Anuj says Aadya can talk to Shruti about her feelings. Aadya feels a connection with Shruti.

Anuj and Aadya become friends with Shruti. Anuj thanks Shruti for being a good friend to Aadya. Shruti says Aadya is feeling many emotions and hasn’t shared everything yet. Anuj thinks about Aadya’s past. Shruti almost shows Anuj a picture of Anupama, but he doesn’t see it.

Dimple wants to go to Ansh’s school, but Vanraj says no. Leela tells Vanraj that Anupama is in the USA. Vanraj thinks about dancing, and Leela suggests cooking. Vanraj doesn’t care about Anupama. Dimple thinks Anupama can do well anywhere.

Anupama 27th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama is happy to start a new day at the restaurant. She lights a lamp near a statue of God. Suddenly, a fire alarm goes off, and Anupama is shocked.

Precap: Shruti returns Anupama’s bag that got mixed up. Anu doesn’t see Anupama.

Anupama 27th December 2023 Episode Review

This episode is exciting because it has family drama and emotional moments. Ansh’s desire for nachos becomes a central theme that causes the characters to interact differently. Leela and Dimple care about Ansh’s health, a normal part of family life. A funny twist is added by Vanraj’s offer to Ansh, which links good eating habits to a video game reward.

The plot of Anupama’s story is different, showing how independent and strong she is. The fact that she renewed her passport and changed the decorations in her room shows that she is ready to move on. The scene where she writes in her diary is especially moving because it shows what she is thinking and feeling.

The side story with Anuj, Anu, and Aadya gives it more depth. Anuj’s care as a father and Aadya’s defiance, like her insistence on being called Aadya, are both well shown. The plot about using social media is interesting and relevant. Putting Dimple’s situation next to Leela and Vanraj’s talk about Anupama gives the episode another layer. It’s interesting how Dimple admires Anupama while Vanraj doesn’t care about her.

A scene with the fire alarm at the end of the episode makes people want to see the next one. Overall, this episode does a great job of mixing everyday problems with more serious ones, keeping viewers interested the whole time.

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