Anupama 26th November 2023 Written Update: Pakhi and Anupama argue.

Anupama 26th November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama questions Pakhi about why she needs so much money. Pakhi shares her plan to start her own business and is asked by Anupama to present a detailed plan. Pakhi and Anupama disagree, making Anu worried. Anuj gives Pakhi the money and asks Anupama to let him handle the discussion. Anuj wants Pakhi to show her business plan for checking. He mentions that they have been patient with Pakhi’s behaviour.

Dimple and Kavya support each other. Kavya plans to visit the doctor regularly, and Dimple decides to accompany her. After their visit, they plan to talk more. Hasmuk meets them and tells them to be careful. He plans to lock the house after they leave. Dimple and Kavya go out, leaving Hasmuk alone at home. He hopes the house will be lively again soon.

Anupama 26th November 2023 Written Update

Anuj notices Anupama is worried because of Pakhi’s actions. Anupama explains that Pakhi is good for two months but troublesome for the rest. Anuj is surprised and enjoys listening to Anupama. They talk about Pakhi’s behaviour.

Barkha and Malti try to influence Pakhi, but Pakhi strongly responds to them. Although Pakhi is disrespectful, Leela enjoys standing up to Barkha and Malti. Meanwhile, Hasmuk forgets to turn off the stove because of a phone call.

Anupama and Anu prepare for the arrival of Dimple and Kavya’s babies. Hasmuk and Leela have a minor argument, and Anu comments that they behave childishly. Anu is worried Anupama might forget her after the babies arrive. Pakhi adds to Anu’s worries, but Anupama reassures her with a promise.

Anupama 26th November 2023 Written Update

Dimple and Kavya enjoy each other’s company. Hasmuk suddenly remembers he left the stove on. Anupama tries to warn Kavya but can’t reach her.

Precap: Anuj plans a foreign trip for Anupama and Anu.

Anupama 26th November 2023 Episode Review

The episode shows a mix of family relationships and individual goals. Anupama’s conversation with Pakhi about her business plan shows a typical parent-child relationship in which worry and hope come together. The side story about Dimple and Kavya gives the main story more depth by showing how they help and support each other.

Hasmuk’s situation at home adds a funny but sad element that reminds viewers how important it is to be with family. The episode strikes a good balance between drama and tender moments, like when Anupama reassures Anu. This shows that the show can handle deep emotional themes. Anuj’s planned trip abroad adds an exciting element and makes me look forward to seeing what happens in future episodes.

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