Anupama 26th June 2024 Written Update: Shruti asks Anupama if she loves Anuj or not.

Anupama 26th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama decides to ask Shruti a question, but Shruti excuses her illness. Anuj and Aadya worry about Shruti, and Anupama tells Shruti to care for herself. Anuj then takes Shruti back to the hotel. Vanraj asks Anupama what is happening between her and Shruti, but Anupama tells him to mind his business. Vanraj confronts Anupama about sending Devika after her. Anupama tells Vanraj she will figure out his plans, and Vanraj encourages her to keep trying.

Shruti worries that Anupama will reveal her secrets to Anuj. Anupama calls Shruti and assures her that she will not hurt Anuj and Aadya by exposing her. Anupama also asks Shruti to attend Dimple’s wedding, which angers Shruti. Anuj notices Shruti is restless and asks if something is wrong between her and Anupama. Shruti is shocked and wonders if Anupama will tell Anuj the truth after Dimple’s wedding.

Anupama 26th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 26th June 2024 Written Update

Leela talks about a ritual, but Dimple says she has no uncle to perform it. Anupama reassures Dimple and tells her to prepare for the ritual. Vanraj suspects Anupama is tricking them. Anupama invites Bhavesh to perform the ritual for Dimple. The Shahs are happy, but Vanraj believes he is not doing anything wrong. Anupama loses her balance, and Anuj catches her. Vanraj mocks Anupama for getting between Shruti and Anuj.

Devika checks if Shruti is okay, and Shruti responds. Anuj talks to Anupama and asks her to give Dimple a gift from him. Anuj remembers Samar, and Anupama advises Anuj to move on and not feel guilty. Anupama decides to talk to Anuj about their business, Spice and Chutney. Shruti worries that Anupama will reveal the truth. Anupama thanks Anuj for helping the workers at Spice and Chutney. Bhavesh performs the ritual for Dimple and Titu. Anuj asks Titu to take care of Dimple, and Titu assures him.

Later, Yashdeep helps Anupama in the kitchen and asks when she will return to the USA. Anupama says she will go later. Yashdeep learns that Shruti asked Smith to write negatively about Spice and Chutney. Anupama tells Yashdeep not to mention Shruti’s name to anyone. Anuj discovers the truth about Shruti. Yashdeep asks Anupama if Shruti should be punished, but Anupama says she doesn’t want Anuj and Aadya to suffer because of Shruti. Anuj is shocked.

Precap: Anuj confronts Shruti and ends his relationship with her. Shruti asks Anupama if she loves Anuj or not.

Anupama 26th June 2024 Episode Review

In today’s episode, Anupama confronts Shruti, who uses her illness as an excuse. Anuj and Aadya worry about Shruti’s health, and Anupama advises her to take care of herself. Vanraj questions Anupama’s involvement with Shruti, leading to tension. Anupama assures Shruti that she won’t reveal her secrets, but Shruti remains anxious.

Ritual preparations for Dimple’s wedding bring joy to the Shahs, while Vanraj remains suspicious. Anupama’s fall and Anuj’s support create a tender moment. Yashdeep’s revelation about Shruti’s deceit adds to the drama. The episode ends with Anuj discovering Shruti’s truth and questioning their relationship.

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