Anupama 22nd August 2023 Written Update: Anupama asks Adhik and Pakhi to stop doing drama.

Anupama 22nd August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Adhik expresses to Pakhi his desire for a second opportunity. He claims that he once believed women were frail. Adhik claims that while he previously punched Pakhi out of rage, he later did so out of pride. He pledges to alter. He warns Pakhi that she may throw him in jail or expel him if he commits a crime again.

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Anupama advises them to comply with Adhik’s request. Vanraj and Anuj ponder whether Adhik is acting. Adhik, in Romil’s opinion, makes a good actor. Pakhi requests that Adhik be allowed to speak. Adhik pledges to improve. Adhik seems serious in Barkha’s eyes. Pakhi accepts Adhik’s assurances that he will make a better husband.

Anupama 22nd August 2023 Written Update

Anuj suspects Adhik may be lying to get out of trouble. Anupama believes Pakhi is blind to Adhik’s actual self. Vanraj thinks Pakhi’s anxiety stems from issues she has observed in other marriages. Hasmuk and Leela discuss Pakhi. According to Hasmuk, Pakhi shouldn’t worry about what people think.

Pakhi is by Adhik’s side. Anupama reminds Pakhi that Adhik injured her. Adhik has altered Barkha’s opinion. Anupama claims that forgiving is difficult. According to her, only Pakhi has pardoned Adhik. Anupama cautions Adhik not to harm Pakhi again.

Anupama 22nd August 2023 Written Update

Vanraj regrets his previous behaviour against Anupama. He asks God to spare his daughters any pain. Adhik has angered Paritosh and Samar. We’re all concerned about Pakhi. Anupama worries Adhik might continue to harm Pakhi. She is being comforted by Anuj.

Pakhi and Adhik, in Dimple’s opinion, are good. Leela asks Dimple to stay out of it. Samar is invited to join Dimple. Paritosh informs Vanraj that they merely want to assist Pakhi. Anupama worries about Pakhi’s security in the meantime. According to Anuj, they can only help if Pakhi agrees.

Precap: Leela requests that Dimple tidy up. Pakhi and Adhik present a positive outlook. Anupama advises them to express their emotions honestly.

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