Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Update: Anupama apologizes to Vikram, Rahul, and Yashdeep for Toshu’s behaviour.

Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Toshu asks his friends to have some food. He suggests to Vikram that they dip the sandwich in coffee and asks him to bring some sauce. Suddenly, water spills on Toshu. He gets up and scolds Vikram for making his clothes wet. Anupama, annoyed, throws water on Toshu’s face. Kavya and Dimpy are talking. Dimpy likes the gift Titu gave her. Kavya remembers Vanraj’s love for her and is in tears. She just wants him to accept Mahi.

Dimpy assures her that he will. Kavya asks Dimpy to choose what makeup to do. Dimpy tells her she’s great at makeup and suggests she start a side business or take a professional makeup course. They see Anupama’s photo in the newspaper and get happy. Kavya hopes Toshu doesn’t spoil her happiness. Toshu asks if Anupama is in her senses. She says she threw water on his face to bring him to his senses. He tells her to stop.

Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 20th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama reminds him that she apologized to a customer on his behalf yesterday and today, he was scolding Vikram for a similar mistake. She explains that Vikram is the head chef, and she works under him. She became a chef because of him. Yashdeep Sir, the restaurant owner, gave her a partnership. She hands Toshu a waiter jacket and asks him to wear it, telling his friends he is a waiter here. She asks him to apologize to Yashdeep, Vikram, and Rahul for his behaviour and insults.

Toshu apologizes. Anupama tells his friends to visit as customers with their families and meet Toshu during his break. They agree and leave. Anupama tells Toshu to give untouched food to homeless people and half-eaten food to birds and animals. She asks him to save his sandwich for lunch. Toshu picks up the food and leaves. Anupama declares that no food will be wasted. Toshu, frustrated, cries and becomes vengeful.

Anupama apologizes to Vikram, Rahul, and Yashdeep for Toshu’s behaviour and tells Yashdeep to fire him if necessary. Yashdeep reassures her and tells the staff to leave. Anupama believes Toshu will improve as he is responsible for Kinjal and Pari. Yashdeep hopes Toshu changes and tells Anupama her news is in the newspaper. He informs her that a food critic will visit in two days, and good reviews could make their restaurant famous.

Anupama agrees to handle it since Yashdeep has bank work. She notes the critic’s visit coincides with Choti’s birthday and resolves to succeed. Babu Ji suggests printing the invitation card to present before God. Vanraj says there’s plenty of time. Ishu asks what they’ll call him when Ansh starts calling him Papa. Vanraj jokes they’ll call Ansh uncle. Toshu comes home and interrupts Kinjal’s call with a client, which ends the call.

Kinjal, upset, tells him it was her first project. Toshu complains about Anupama’s growing popularity, predicting it will end soon. He vows to surpass her in success and popularity one day. Kinjal is shocked. Kavya shares her skin treatment course details with Baa and others, who wish her well. The kids tease that she can make anyone pretty. Kavya thanked them. Ansh declares it’s ice cream time. Pakhi mocks Kavya. Kavya says people will contact her once her show becomes popular.

Babu Ji encourages her to open a parlour someday. Vanraj dismisses it as a dream. Kavya argues that every truth starts with a dream; if Anupama can do it, so can she. Vanraj, cynical, remarks that Anupama’s success as a waiter inspired Kavya to want to do manicures and pedicures, predicting Anupama’s downfall.

Later, the food critic arrives and tastes the dishes, praising them and giving them the highest rating. The dishes are presented in American style. Everyone is thrilled. It turns out to be Anupama’s dream. She prays for her dream to come true and dances while cooking. Anuj enters and sees her dancing, catching a spoon she accidentally throws. He tells her to keep dancing and leaves. Anupama continues dancing and cooking.

Precap: Anupama serves undhiyu biryani to the critics. They find a cockroach in the biryani and complain, declaring that Anupama Joshi is finished. The trophy is taken away, and the restaurant is shut down.

Anupama 20th May 2024 Episode Review

Toshu’s rude behaviour builds tension in this dramatic episode as Anupama teaches him a lesson about being humble and taking responsibility. Kavya has difficulty dealing with memories of Vanraj and her hopes that he will accept Mahi. Dimpy tells Kavya that she should become a makeup artist. Toshu’s anger over Anupama’s success grows, which causes him to fight with Kinjal.

Vanraj doesn’t believe Kavya can reach her goals, but she still wants to. Anupama wants to impress a food critic, but her happiness doesn’t last long because of a shocking turn in the beginning that puts her restaurant’s reputation at risk. The episode has a lot of emotional depth and suspense, and its twists and turns keep people watching.

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