Anupama 19th May 2024 Written Update: Anupama learns about Paritosh’s lie.

Anupama 19th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama decides to learn accounting. Yashdeep offers to teach her. Anupama also asks Yashdeep to teach her about marketing and social media. Yashdeep encourages Anupama to post on social media, but she is scared. He explains that social media is the best way to promote a business. He then asks her to take a break. Anupama is excited about celebrating Aadya’s birthday and plans to give her a gift.

Yashdeep thinks Anupama and Aadya will make up soon, but Anupama doubts it. She hopes Aadya will call her “mother” someday and wants to win her heart. Kinjal informs Anupama about her promotion. Leela asks Titu about some jewellery, and Dimple does the same. Vanraj questions Titu if he bought the gold dishonestly. Titu assures Vanraj that he bought it with his hard-earned money, but Vanraj doesn’t believe him.

Anupama 19th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 19th May 2024 Written Update

Pari decides to help Kinjal. Anupama celebrates Kinjal’s promotion, making Kinjal emotional. Anupama praises Kinjal for her hard work and asks her to pat herself on the back. Paritosh is plotting against Anupama. Pakhi helps Vanraj expose Titu. Anupama decides to celebrate Aadya’s birthday. Shruti and Anuj plan the birthday party. Anuj asks Anupama why she was late.

Anupama says she was with Kinjal. Shruti suggests focusing on Aadya’s birthday instead. Anupama agrees and asks if she can bake a cake for Aadya. Anuj supports the idea. They remember Aadya’s birthday, and Shruti feels upset. Anupama then leaves. Anupama prays for everyone’s happiness. Anuj tells Anupama that she was featured in the newspaper, making her emotional and happy. Paritosh sees the news and destroys the newspaper. Rahul confronts him about it. Vikram decides to spread the news further, angering Paritosh.

Anuj frames the newspaper article about Anupama, which makes her happy. He encourages her to be her inspiration, and she gets emotional. Paritosh pretends to be normal in front of his friends, but Rahul gets angry at him for bossing him around. Vikram asks Rahul to calm down. Paritosh’s friends praise Anupama, but he takes credit for her success. Yashdeep overhears this, and Anupama learns about Paritosh’s lie.

Anupama 19th May 2024 Episode Review

In this episode, Anupama starts to learn accounting, marketing, and social media with the help of Yashdeep, even though she is afraid to post online at first. To strengthen their relationship, she eagerly plans Aadya’s birthday. An emotional celebration happens when Kinjal gets promoted, but Vanraj doesn’t believe Titu’s story about the jewellery.

Amid these events, Paritosh plans to hurt Anupama, even though she is getting praise in the newspaper, which makes her feel better. While Anuj tells her to stay motivated, Paritosh’s dishonest behaviour tense things. Personal growth, emotional connections, and underlying conflicts are all beautifully balanced in this episode, which makes it a captivating watch.

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