Anupama 19th June 2024 Written Update: Adhik asks Anuj and Anupama to complete their love story.

Anupama 19th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama says she worries about getting old. Devika and Bhavesh agree with her. Anupama feels sad for Hasmuk and Leela. She says they are working hard even at their age. Anupama gets upset when Pakhi blames Hasmuk. Bhavesh points out that Vanraj didn’t support Hasmuk. Anupama says Vanraj’s actions were hurtful and that old people need care like children.

Vanraj is thinking about Pakhi. Kavya supports him. Vanraj says he was caught between Pakhi and Hasmuk. He blames Anupama for accusing him of not helping Hasmuk. Kavya comforts Vanraj. She asks him to understand why Hasmuk gave the medicine instead of blaming him. Kavya says Pakhi doesn’t care about Ishani and might be sleeping. She predicts that Hasmuk and Leela are probably crying.

Anupama 19th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 19th June 2024 Written Update

She asks Vanraj to imagine how he would feel if Paritosh or Dimple stopped him from seeing Pari and Ansh. Anupama, Devika, and Bhavesh decide they don’t want to be a burden when they get old. Anupama believes Vanraj will take care of Hasmuk and Leela. Later, Leela tells Hasmuk they can’t die until Dimple’s wedding ends. Hasmuk says old people can’t choose when to die. Leela tells Hasmuk not to worry. They decide to leave the house after Dimple’s wedding without telling anyone.

Anupama is worried about Hasmuk and Leela. Anuj calls her and tells her to sleep instead of taking a stress pill. Anupama says she isn’t sleepy. Anuj decides to share Anupama’s pain. Anupama is surprised. Elsewhere, Leela and Hasmuk are decorating Dimple’s bridal dupatta. Anuj asks Anupama who will do the catering for Dimple’s wedding. Anupama says she doesn’t know. Anuj asks her to cook, but Anupama doubts herself. Anuj is worried about her.

Leela and Hasmuk are concerned about the Shahs. Ansh, Pari, and Mahi ask Leela and Hasmuk to play with them. Ansh asks Leela for milk, but they avoid it. Kinjal, Dimple, and Kavya comfort Leela and Hasmuk. Ishani greets them and asks Leela for milk. Pakhi takes Ishani away and asks her to stay in the room. Adhik tells Pakhi to leave Ishani alone. Devika asks Anupama if she will do the catering for the Shahs. Anupama is unsure. Devika asks if she is afraid to cook. Anupama shares her fear of cooking. Devika encourages her.

Precap: Anuj helps Anupama at the market. Adhik tells Anuj and Anupama to complete their love story.

Anupama 19th June 2024 Episode Review

In this emotional episode, Anupama expresses her concerns about old age and feels sad for Hasmuk and Leela’s struggles. Vanraj feels torn between Pakhi and Hasmuk while Kavya tries to comfort him. Anupama, Devika, and Bhavesh vow not to become burdens when older. Leela and Hasmuk secretly plan to leave after Dimple’s wedding.

Anuj supports Anupama, sharing her worries and encouraging her to cook for the wedding despite her doubts. The Shah children seek attention from Leela and Hasmuk, adding to their stress. The episode ends with Anuj helping Anupama, hinting at rekindling their love.

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