Anupama 14th December 2023 Written Update: Vanraj again blames Anupama.

Anupama 14th December 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, the Shah family joyfully dances with Pari. Anupama and Vanraj put a cake on the table together. Kinjal and Kavya are delighted to see Anupama, but other family members are surprised. Anupama picks up Pari and gives Kinjal a big hug. Vanraj watches them angrily.

Leela worries that Anupama’s presence will upset Vanraj, whom she has seen happy after a long time. Anuj is concerned about what might happen at the party and wonders if letting Anupama go is a good idea. Rohit hopes Vanraj will be nice for Pari’s sake and not cause trouble. Malti Devi and Barkha, overhearing this, secretly hope Vanraj makes a scene.

Anupama 14th December 2023 Written Update

They want Anupama to feel so embarrassed that she never returns to the Shah house. Barkha also wishes the Shahs won’t visit their home. Malti Devi plans to separate Anupama from the Shahs and then from the Kapadias, too. Barkha says that Anupama will belong to neither family. Vanraj confronts Anupama, asking why she came. Anupama replies she came to see her children.

Vanraj mocks Anupama about her self-respect. She responds confidently, saying she has plenty and can share some with him. She explains she came out of love for her family. Vanraj accuses her of seeking disrespect. Anupama declares her family is her priority. Vanraj questions her uninvited arrival. Kinjal reveals she invited Anupama. Vanraj urges Kinjal to send Anupama away. Anupama agrees to leave after meeting Pari and asks if Romil and Choti can stay. Vanraj agrees and takes Pari from Anupama.

Anupama leaves the party sadly while the family continues celebrating. Vanraj sets aside Anupama’s cake and cuts his own. Anupama claps from outside, hearing the celebration. Vanraj asks Dimpi to care for Nishant. Kinjal looks for Anupama’s cake, and Vanraj says he gave it to the watchman, which upsets Kinjal and Hansmukh. Leela tries to calm Hansmukh, who is upset with Vanraj. He recalls Anupama’s contributions and predicts Vanraj will need her in trouble. Leela still supports Vanraj.

Anupama 14th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama returns home, and Anuj comforts her with tea and her favourite cookies. Anuj tells Anupama that the photos from the party show her cake was not used. Kavya decides to leave the house, and Kinjal tries to stop her. Vanraj blames Anupama for Kavya’s decision. The episode concludes with Anuj suggesting Anupama rest.

Precap: Kinjal and Anupama play with Pari, making Choti Anu jealous. In the car, Choti Anu wants to sit in the front, causing Kinjal to lose control and crash. Anupama is horrified to see Kinjal unconscious and their car nearing a cliff.

Anupama 14th December 2023 Episode Review

The episode shows a tense mix of feelings and family relationships. The movie starts with a happy scene of the Shah family celebrating together, showing their closeness. But when Anupama shows up at the party, people react differently, even though she means well. This shows how complicated the family is.

Anupama’s interaction with Vanraj is exciting because it shows how tense and unresolved things are between them. The way she responded with respect when Vanraj made fun of her sense of self-respect shows how strong and sure of herself she is. Malti Devi and Barkha’s side story is interesting because they secretly want chaos, which shows that conflicts and plans are going on underneath. This makes me more excited and tense for the next episode.

The episode also does an excellent job of showing Anupama’s emotional turmoil and how Anuj’s support and understanding balance it out. This gives us a glimpse into their caring relationship. Overall, this episode does an excellent job of setting the stage for upcoming drama. It has a good mix of happy moments, family tensions, and brewing conflicts, which keeps the audience interested and guessing what will happen next.

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