Anupama 12th September 2023 Written Update: Anupama slapped Romil.

Anupama 12th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Romil wants the door to be opened. Anupama comes after him. Romil talks on the phone. When he walks into a room, he is shocked. Anupama follows him in. She finds Pakhi’s wallet and calls out to her. Romil is anxious. Anupama is sorrowful as she looks for Pakhi.

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Leela wants to know where Vanraj is going. Vanraj says that he wants to find Pakhi. Leela asks him how he is going to find her. Hasmuk says that he will discover Pakhi if the police can’t. Vanraj is told to be careful by Leela. Vanraj says that he needs to look for Pakhi. Paritosh and Samar stop him. They are trying to help.

Anupama 12th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama asks Romil questions. He doesn’t say anything. Samar asks Paritosh if he knows anyone who could help. Samar doesn’t know. Paritosh says they should remember Pakhi. Samar does agree.

Anupama wants to know what Romil thinks. Romil doesn’t speak. Anupama is strong-willed. Leela asks God to help Pakhi. Hasmuk tells her to keep having hope. She is also comforted by Dimple and Kavya.

Paritosh and Samar are looking for Pakhi. They meet a girl who is filming herself. She has upset Paritosh. Samar thinks they should say something to Anupama. Paritosh says no, they have to look for Pakhi.

Romil says to Anupama, “Listen to me.” She’d rather not. She is angry that Romil didn’t help her. Romil says that he was trying to fool Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama is taken aback.

Paritosh finds out that no one took Pakhi. Samar is worried about her. She wants to know about Pakhi. Romil says he planned to take Pakhi with him.

When Romil says terrible things about Pakhi and Adhik, Anupama gets mad at him.

Precap: Anupama tells Romil to be careful around Pakhi. Pakhi is tired. Several men come close to her.


In this exciting episode, Pakhi goes missing, which makes things very tense. Anupama’s constant search for clues and Romil’s strange actions keep people on the edge of their seats. Vanraj, Paritosh, and Samar work together to find Pakhi.

During the episode, a surprising link between Romil and Pakhi’s disappearance is revealed, which leads to a big fight between Anupama and Romil. This episode does a great job of mixing suspense with raw emotion, especially when the family is worried about Pakhi’s safety and unsure of what to do.

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