Anupama 12th January 2024 Written Update: Anupama proved herself.

Anupama 12th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Yashpal is trying the food Anupama cooked. Anupama gets distracted, remembering the accident she witnessed. Yashpal compliments Anupama’s cooking and asks for the dish’s name. Anupama explains she doesn’t know because she made it for her young child. Yashpal decides to feature this special dish in a restaurant and gives her a week to prove herself so he can promote her to Chef. Anupama gladly agrees, and her colleagues also look happy.

Vikram encourages her, and Anupama is determined to prove herself. She plans to deliver food to Shruti. Meanwhile, Pakhi tries to talk to Vanraj, but Leela and Dimple stop her. Pakhi argues with Leela. Suddenly, Arjun and his grandmother arrive. His grandmother accuses Ansh of assaulting Arjun, which Leela refuses to believe, leading to an argument. Meanwhile, Anupama arrives at Anuj’s house, but Aadya opens the door and rudely denies her entry. Anupama stares at Aadya in confusion.

Anupama 12th January 2024 Written Update

Back at the other place, Vanraj questions Ansh about the incident with Arjun, and Ansh admits his involvement. Vanraj apologizes to Arjun and his grandmother, but she taunts Vanraj and his family, praising Anupama’s upbringing. Vanraj becomes furious and asks her to leave. He also advises Ansh not to repeat his behaviour, which Ansh agrees to.

Anuj recalls seeing Anupama in the USA and wonders if he’s hallucinating. He decides to make a call to India but looks unsure. Shruti arrives and persuades Anuj to share his concerns. Anuj shares his doubts about spotting Anupama. He sends Shruti to fetch water for him, and she agrees.

Meanwhile, Aadya takes the food bag from Anupama, informs her that Shruti will pay her, and closes the door. Anupama is puzzled by her behaviour and decides to leave. Aadya contemplates how to get rid of the food Anupama made, as she doesn’t want Anuj to have it. Just then, Shruti arrives and questions Aadya about not inviting Anupama inside. Aadya lies, claiming Anupama is busy. Shruti takes the food with her, and Aadya becomes worried.

Anuj reminisces about his moments with Anupama while Shruti brings him food. Anuj enjoys the meal and suggests they visit her favourite restaurant for dinner, surprising Shruti. Aadya overhears their conversation and becomes anxious.

Anupama 6th January 2024 Written Update

In another place, Pakhi asks Vanraj for a share in the property, and Vanraj agrees but mentions that they need Hasmuk’s approval to sell the house. Kavya arrives and tries to advise Pakhi, but Pakhi reacts angrily. Leela joins Kavya, and they argue with Pakhi. Pakhi insults Kavya and Leela, deciding to stay in their house until she gets her share of the property before leaving. Vanraj scolds Kavya for getting involved in family matters.

Shruti informs Anupama about AK’s request, and Anupama assures her that she will prepare a special dish for them. Aadya overhears this and worries. Anupama thinks about her family, especially her children, and hopes they are all doing well.

Precap: Anupama sees Tushu but gets ignored, leaving her shocked. Later, overwhelmed by Anuj and Aadya’s presence, Anupama drops the food she made for Shruti and AK.

Anupama 12th January 2024 Episode Review

Anupama’s cooking skills shine in this episode; she impresses Yashpal with them, which leads to a chance to become a chef. At the same time, family problems get worse as accusations fly about something recently between Ansh and Arjun. Anuj can’t stop thinking about the possibility of seeing Anupama in the US, which makes the story more interesting.

Aadya’s strange behaviour complicates the mystery, and Pakhi’s desire for a share of the family property causes more family trouble. This episode has both happy and sad moments, and viewers eagerly anticipate what will happen next, especially Anupama’s unexpected meeting with Tushu and what will happen to Shruti and AK because of what she did.

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