Anupama 11th September 2023 Written Update: Anupama tracks Romil.

Anupama 11th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Romil is worried. Anupama, Anuj, Adhik, Barkha, and other friends come back. Romil is surprised to find out that Adhik is no longer in jail. Adhik wants to know why Romil seems so worried. Barkha is glad that Anupama had faith in Adhik. But Anupama says she only gave Adhik one thing, for which she is sorry.

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Anuj tells Anupama to sleep, but she won’t until she finds Pakhi. Anuj isn’t sure if staying awake will help her find Pakhi. Anuj calls the police and asks them to check Pakhi’s room and all the phones. Romil is very surprised and frightened. He thinks that the police might catch him now. Romil is acting strangely, which Anupama notices.

Anupama 11th September 2023 Written Update

Romil is scared that the police will come. Anupama celebrates Anuj’s birthday. Anuj likes that Anupama is paying attention to him. Anupama tells him she loves him as much as her family. She is glad that he remembered his birthday. When they first met is a topic of conversation. Anupama wishes that Anuj will live a long time. She says there will be a party when Pakhi gets back. Anuj has faith in Anupama. Anupama thinks about Romil all the time.

Vanraj asks God for help. He hopes that God won’t hurt his kids. Anupama also says prayers for Pakhi’s safe return. Romil gets a lot of mail. Romil is in sight. Everyone is having a good time at a festival. During the prayers, Romil is not there. Adhik gives Romil sweets and a warning. Adhik is asked to leave Romil’s room. Romil wants to get help from his friend. Romil seems sneaky to Anupama.

Romil is followed by Anupama. She’s curious about where he’s going. He is talking on the phone. All the other people are praying. Anupama goes somewhere she doesn’t know with Romil. She thinks that the truth will come out soon.

Precap: Romil is surprised. Anupama is upset when she finds Pakhi’s bag. She tells Romil things. Romil is in a bad mood.


In this episode, things get tense because Romil’s actions are being looked at closely. While Anupama and the others return, Romil’s worries about Adhik getting out of jail and the upcoming police investigation take the spotlight. Anupama has mixed feelings about Adhik, as she forgives him but is still cautious around him.

Anuj’s birthday party, where people talk about the past and make new promises, also has a strong emotional undercurrent. The prayers of Vanraj and Anupama show how worried they are about Pakhi and hint at a more profound plot twist. Anupama’s growing suspicions lead her to follow Romil, which hints at a big reveal in the next episode. This is how the climax builds up.

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